The Reality of A Work From Home Online Career

There are as many different reasons to work from home online as there are people that try this as an alternative to a traditional workplace career. However, not everyone is able to effectively transition from a workplace environment to a work from home situation with the level of success and income that they initially envision.

The reality is that working from home takes a different set of skills. These are not incredibly complex skills nor are they impossible to learn, but failing to take into consideration the reality of working from home is one of the biggest reasons why these careers often do not deliver the income and opportunities that the individual originally imagined.

A Workplace Not A Home

It is critical if you want to work from home online to be able to compartmentalize or separate your time on the clock from your time at home. While many people that work from home talk about being able to spend time with the kids and run errands, this is not a reality if you are on-call responding to customers or addressing IT issues.

During the time you are “at work” you have to train your kids, spouse and even your pets to handle themselves without your assistance. It helps to have a specific room that you work from and the ability to close the door and have family members respect your work time and space.


Not having a boss or a supervisor is a dream for many people, but being your own boss also creates problems. If you aren’t accountable to yourself you will find that you begin logging out early, logging in late, or simply failing to schedule any work on a particular day.

When you work from home online you only get paid for the time you are working. If you are not motivated to work the hours that you need then your income will definitely reflect this decision.
Working from home online also means having the self-control to avoid engaging in your own personal online activities during you scheduled work time. This means ignoring Tweets, posts, pokes and nudges and just staying focused on the job at hand.